Information for Presenters

Instructions for Oral Presentations

There will be several parallel technical sessions during the ICDCM 2017. Each session will typically consist of 4 or 5 Oral Presentations (a 15-minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of Q&A ). The Session chair and co-chair are responsible to strictly keep the overall delay of a session below 5 minutes!



The official language is English. No translation will be provided during sessions.



Oral presentations should only be presented via PC (PowerPoint or PDF). All speakers are responsible to provide a USB drive of their presentation which is to be handed over to the Secretary PC of the Speakers’ Room. The data will then be uploaded to PCs in each session room. We recommend that you contact your session chair and send him/her your presentation prior to the conference. Each session chair has to arrive at the conference room at least 15 minutes before the official start of the session.


Each session co-chair has to keep an eye on the allotted time frame for the speakers and alert them when their time slot is approaching its end. During the presentation the co-chair will inform the speakers accordingly when there are only 3 more minutes remaining. After 15 minutes the chair will interrupt and end the presentation. 5 minutes of Q&A can be given to the speaker in order to finish his/her current slide. However, the presentation has to be interrupted after 20 minutes at the latest without an additional time slot for Q&A.


Speakers’ check-in

All speakers are requested to check in early in order to receive their badges and other essential conference material at the Registration Desk. The badge is required for all ICDCM activities.


Registration Desk

Open starting at 8:00 AM each day


PowerPoint slide preparation

Each speaker will be given 20 minutes for his/her presentation followed by a discussion adjacent to the 15-minute presentation. A common discussion may take place after all papers that are scheduled for the session have been presented. Therefore all speakers are requested to stay throughout the entire session.

In order to avoid compatibility problems and to ensure that the audience can read the slides without any restrictions, ICDCM strongly recommends the use of Arial and Symbol as standard fonts for all slides. It is recommended to set the font size at 18pt or larger. This applies to both the text segment of the slides as well as the description of illustrations. Please make sure that these illustrations are large enough and legible.


Speakers’ Room (room of your presentation)

All speakers are requested to arrive at the Speakers’ Room 15 minutes prior to the beginning of their session. The presentation data is to be handed over to the Secretary PC in order for it to be uploaded to the PCs in each session room.

If you are unable to arrive on time, please directly go to the session room and upload the data to a PC in the room.


All speakers MUST arrive at the room at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the session.

All speakers are encouraged to check their data with the equipment on the podium before the session starts.


Please introduce yourself to the session chair and the other speakers of the same session.

Due to a limited time frame, the session chair’s introduction of each speaker will be very brief. Please prepare a short biography of yours and send it to your session chair and co-chair by June 20, 2017.

Please be seated before and after your presentation. When it is time for your presentation, please proceed to the podium immediately after the previous speaker has finished his/her presentation and answered all questions.

The session chair will introduce your presentation and ask you to start. Please begin your presentation considering the following:

  1. Start immediately on the topic and avoid another introduction of yourself.
  2. Pace your talk to end at the scheduled time.
  3. Follow your chairperson’s instructions.
  4. If your co-chair advises you that there are only 3 more minutes left, start concluding your presentation. During Q&A session listen carefully to the questions from the audience and answer them briefly. If it is impossible to answer the questions briefly, offer a private discussion after the session.


Poster Session

At least one author has to be at his poster due to the whole poster session. Poster walls are available. The poster must be ready before the session starts. The size of the poster should be A0. Template is also available on website.




Good luck for a successful presentation!


Best regards




The Technical Committee