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ICDCM Attendees:

Two-hundred people attended our Second International Conference on DC Microgrids this year, far exceeding our expectations. The growth and interest in this field is remarkable; we look forward to an exciting future. On behalf of the Organizing and Technical Committees, we offer our thanks to all of the presenters for their high quality and informative sharing of technical progress. To all of the other attendees, we hope you found the conference to be rewarding and that it contributed to your professional growth.

The Conference Proceedings will appear on IEEE Xplore around the end of July. This will be helpful to those of you who wish to refer to or cite papers from the conference in your future research.  Most of our attendees also received the proceedings on a USB stick at the conference, but because of the overflow crowd, a few did not. If you did not receive a USB at the registration desk and you would like to receive a CD of the proceedings by mail, please send an email to Roger Dougal, ICDCM General Chair, and be sure to include the complete mailing address to which the CD should be delivered.

Watch for additional information on the conference web site soon. Behind an attendee login, we plan to post plenary session presentations and some pictures from the event. We will also share information about the next event, which is planned to be held in 2019 in Japan.  Watch for the call for papers, which will probably be issued around the end of 2017.

Finally, please consider volunteering some of your time to support future development of this conference.  We will be looking to fill out the Organizing and Technical Program committees by the end of August 2017. Please consider contributing some of your time to these important activities. At the very least, when you bump into any of the committee members from the 2017 or 2015 conferences, thank them for their fine contributions that have brought this community together to advance our common goals.

On behalf of the Organizing and Technical Committees, thanks again to everyone!

Roger Dougal, General Chair, ICDCM 2017
Bernd Wunder, Technical Program Chair, ICDCM 2017



Welcome to ICDCM 2017, Nürnberg

The Second ICDCM will be held in Germany, a hotbed of dc power technology, following on the heels of a successful first conference in Atlanta, GA, USA in 2015. The conference aims to bring together practitioners and researchers in the field of dc microgrids and related technologies to advance our understanding and capability for endpoint use of dc power. Technical sessions will be arranged around two foci – use of dc at the commercial and industrial scale, MW, and use at the residential scale, kW.

DC power promises easier integration of variable speed machinery and renewable or co-generation power sources, simpler connection of energy storage, and higher power reliability. Use of locally-generated dc power will reduce dependence on long-distance transmission and distribution networks, reduce grid congestion, and will transform the electricity infrastructure. The benefits of dc microgrids powered by renewable resources such as solar PV systems can be especially dramatic in those parts of the world that don’t already have power infrastructure.

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Thanks also for in-kind support from these organizations:

Fraunhofer IISB
European Center for Power Electronics
Center for GRid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems
Florida State University Center for Advanced Power Systems